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Snap! Chomp Your Jaws!


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Barner, Bob

Novelty Book, 10 pages

Pull the flap, then let go for the snap! Curious, animal-loving kids will go wild for this silly and irresistible novelty book series by acclaimed author/illustrator Bob Barner. Filled with impressive facts about the wild's most remarkable jaws, this clever novelty book takes a fascinating look at some of the planet's strangest creatures, as they chomp and gnash! Simply pull the jaws on each page--and when you let go? SNAP! The jaws clamp back into place, making it appear as if each animal is biting dramatically. Written and illustrated by the distinguished and ever-curious Bob Barner, this innovative "snapping" board book will satisfy even the hungriest of curious minds. * ANIMALS AND HUMOR: Animals and humor are perennially popular, and this book features fascinating animal facts with a delightfully silly twist. * PLAY AND LEARN: This interactive, nonfiction novelty book is equal parts educational and entertaining, with novelty elements that invite play while reinforcing facts about the natural world. * TRIED AND TRUE AUTHOR: Bob Barner's bright, accessible art and deceptively simple approach to engaging children have a proven track record over his long career. With this latest offering, Bob Barner brings his signature art style and passion for nonfiction about the natural world to his youngest readers. * INNOVATIVE NOVELTY: This playful novelty book features pull-and-release tabs that "snap!" back in to place on EVERY spread. * EXPANDING A SERIES: Try the companion title, Stick Out Your Tongue!, featuring the same novelty mechanism, with fascinating tongue facts. Perfect for: * Young readers who love a surprising interactive element * Any kid with an interest in animals * Lovers of weird facts * Parents, librarians, and teachers looking for a fun, educational, thought-provoking read-aloud