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Stitch Head: Spider's Lair


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Bass, Guy & Williamson, Pete

Trade Paperback, 192 pages

In this fourth book in the Stitch Head series, Stitch Head and fellow creation Ivo set out to rescue Arabella from the orphanage where she was taken--but they'll have to get past the creepy spider monster first!When Arabella's grandmother dies, Arabella is taken to a local orphanage against her will. Stitch Head and Ivo, a fellow creation of Mad Professor Erasmus, set out to rescue her by pretending to be newcomers at the orphanage. But in order to save their friend, they'll have to get past the creepy spider monster first! Features black-and-white gothic-inspired illustrations throughout.

Welcome to Castle Grotteskew, where Mad Professor Erasmus makes creatures out of spare parts and then casts them aside, looking to make bigger and better. Stitch Head, his first creation, has a heart of gold and is always willing to show the other monsters the ropes—and bail them out of trouble! Join Stich Head and the other occupants of the castle in this exciting series, full of adventures of an almost-lifetime!