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Starla Jean Takes The Cake


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Arnold, Elana K. & Kang, A. N.

Hardcover with dust jacket, 96 pages

Printz Honor winner and National Book Award Finalist Elana K. Arnold is back with Starla Jean Takes The Cake, an irresistible story of a girl, her chicken, and a few new friends, superbly illustrated by A. N. Kang.

It's Willa's first birthday -- a day that doesn't come along...every day. In fact, it only comes once and Starla Jean is going to make the best out of it for her baby sister. How?A party! All she has to do is: -decorate-keep Opal Egg entertained-get ingredients for a cake-try to get Opal Egg to lay an egg-invite guests-come on, Opal Egg! How hard is it to lay an egg? You're a chicken!-bake the cake-Give Willa the best first birthday party ever! But, in typical Starla Jean fashion, a few surprises are waiting to derail the determined girl... but could they be...good surprises?