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Stephen McCranie's Space Boy Volume 16


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McCranie, Stephen

Trade Paperback, 240 pages

**Where is Amy?

The students of South Pines High search desperately for clues, trying to unravel the mystery of what happened on Homecoming night.**

Stuck at the First Contact Project facility, Amy and Qiana begin to pull at the threads of a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top of the FCP.

Meanwhile, deep in space, Oliver must come to terms with his new feelings for Amy, and what that may mean for the two of them, and the entirety of the project he’s devoted his life to.

And somewhere, out in the void, The Wanderer watches them all, waiting….

Mystery, romance, and more in the latest volume of Stephen McCranie’s Space Boy!


“Stephen McCranie’s Space Boy , is a wonderful book full of entertaining characters, big ideas, and fun visuals.”—Joe Grunenwald, Comics Beat

על המחבר

Stephen McCranie is the writer and illustrator for Space Boy and Mal and Chad , all-ages graphic novel series. Stephen grew up drawing comics from an early age. He eventually earned a Fine Arts degree at the University of New Mexico. Stephen originally created Mal and Chad as a comic strip for the UNM school newspaper.