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Stink 12 and the Hairy Scary Spider


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McDonald, Megan & Reynolds, Peter H.

Trade Paperback, 160 pages

"Hand this to fans of the Stink series or any spider-loving early reader." --School Library Journal Creepy! Crawly! Criminy! Everyone knows that Stink is bonkers about most scientific things. But there's one exception: dangle a spider in front of him and he goes berserk! Stink is so freaked out by spiders that he can't look at them. He can't think about them. And he for-sure can't touch them! Stink has arachnophobia and he has it bad. But when a hairy backyard emergency arises, Stink is forced to face his fear--and eight beady eyes--head-on. Will he manage to tame the heebie-jeebies, or will he remain stuck in his web of terror? Arachno-fans will love the comics sprinkled throughout with facts about spiders as well as a hands-on origami challenge.