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Storm Too Soon (Young Readers Edition)


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Tougias, Michael J.

Trade Paperback, 272 pages

A spellbinding tale of maritime disaster, survival, and an absolutely daring rescue from Michael J. Tougias, the author of The Finest Hours, which is now a major motion picture. When a forty-seven-foot sailboat disappears in the Gulf Stream during a disastrous storm, it leaves behind three weary sailors struggling to stay alive on a life raft in the throes of violent waves eighty feet tall. This middle-grade adaptation of an adult nonfiction book tells the story of the four intrepid Coast Guardsmen who braved the sea and this ruthless storm, hoping to rescue the stranded sailors.

New York Times bestselling author Michael J. Tougias adapts his histories of real life stories for young readers in his True Rescue Series, capturing the heroism and humanity of people on life-saving missions during maritime disasters.

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