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SURPRISE! Slide and Play Shapes


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Fouquier, Elsa

Board Book, 10 pages

A play-and-learn book on colors and shapes! What happens when you twist a green square, push a yellow star, or wiggle a blue triangle? Each easy turn or sliding movement will scatter a flock of birds into the sky, send butterflies flitting all around, or reveal a cheery rainbow and bright sun! * Interactive moveable shapes to twist, push, and wiggle revealing fun new surprises * Cheery and colorful illustrations and fun read-aloud text * And a surprise pop-up ending! Young children will enjoy revealing the surprises as they move each of the four colorful shapes in this vibrant and delightful interactive book. SURPRISE! Slide and Play Shapes is innovative and interactive fun perfect for growing young minds! * Great family read-aloud book * Interactive books for babies and toddlers * Gifts for 0-3 years old A fun-filled way to introduce early concepts, this book is sure to become a nursery room favorite.