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Thank You Letter


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Cabrera, Jane

Trade Paperback, 32 pages

Celebrate gratitude and simple ways of brightening others' days with this sweet story about a girl's letters. . . . and her town's overwhelming response. After a wonderful party, birthday girl Grace sits down to thank her friends and family for all their kind gifts. But she doesn't stop there! As she writes, Grace realizes there are so many things to be grateful for. So she thanks her teacher for helping her learn to write. She thanks her dog for his cheerful wagging tail. She even thanks the sky for being perfectly, beautifully blue. When Grace returns home after delivering her notes, she finds a wealth of affection--cards, letters, and notes from her neighbors and friends. A beautifully illustrated gatefold page shows how deeply her letters have touched the hearts of everyone around them. The Thank You Letter is perfect for starting conversations about gratitude, both for tangible gifts and for the little things we don't always stop to appreciate. The sweet story encourages young readers to focus on positivity and share it.

For everyone who wants to encourage children to write thank you notes for gifts, and for everyone searching for new ways to connect with distant loved ones, The Thank You Letter is a perfect model for expressing gratitude--and showcases the joyful response a simple gesture can create. Beloved storyteller and illustrator Jane Cabrera's vivid and textured acrylic paintings are filled with joyful cuteness and warmth. Collage elements, including patterns from the inside of envelopes, smartly add to the epistolary theme. This delightful celebration of mindful thankfulness and community togetherness is perfect for curling up in a cozy spot and sharing one-on-one.