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The Bottle Imp of Bright House

Story Cupboard Book Fairs

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Llewellyn, Tom & Grimly, Gris

Trade Paperback, 224 pages

*School vacation for a year. Eternal happiness. You could wish for anything-- but if it came at someone else's expense, would you still do it?*

When a mysterious millionaire sells thirteen-year-old Gabe a bottle containing a wish-granting imp, it comes with a warning: any time Gabe makes a wish, someone else, somewhere, is going to lose something. Maybe something big.

That means each of Gabe's wishes should be a difficult ethical dilemma--but as he scores a Ferrari, a hot tub, and all the pizza and sub sandwiches a kid could want, he's certain a guilty conscience is worth it . . . isn't it?

The Bottle Imp of Bright House is pithy, dark, and very, very funny, exploring the lengths people will go to for happiness-- and the surprising ways small choices can swiftly spiral out of control. Gris Grimly's bold and eerie artwork brings Gabe's misadventures to life.

Inspired by a Robert Louis Stevenson novella, this clever story is full of references to his body of work-- and lots of laughs, too. **