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A to Z Animal Mysteries #2: Bats in the Castle


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Roy, Ron & Whaley, Kayla

Paperback, 96 pages

Inspired by Ron Roy's A to Z Mysteries series, this bright and modern animal adventure story is perfect for budding young chapter book readers. This time, Abbi and her friends are determined to rescue a lost bat!Solve Animal Mysteries from A to Z! Abbi, Lydia, and Daniel love to watch bats flying around their neighborhood after sunset. Nature is so cool! But then they hear an unnatural sound in Abbi's home. Is it a ghost? Or something scarier? With help from her trusty dog Barkley, Abbi and her friends will shine a light on the truth!Don't miss the first book in this series: A to Z Animal Mysteries #1: The Absent Alpacas.

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