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Twig and Turtle 2: Toy Store Trouble

Story Cupboard Book Fairs

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Jacobson, Jennifer Richard

Trade Paperback, 112 pages

The second book in a new chapter book series about sisters who move to a tiny house with their family to start a simpler new life.

Twig and Turtle are adjusting to their new lives in Happy Trails, Colorado. Twig's adopted Great Dane is a therapy dog at their school, and can visit the tiny house -- as long as Bo can stay small and quiet. And the whole family is getting to know their neighbors, and the local businesses.

One of the rules of the tiny house is that the girls can only have 5 toys (for space). Turtle really really wants a miniature truck, and parts with an old toy in order to get it. But when Turtle goes to the local independent toy store, she is distressed to find the store divided in half, pink toys on one side, and blue toys on the other. That is so wrong! Turtle is going to set that store right, even if it means taking sides in their small, tight-knit community. **