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Underdogs Rock 'n' Roll Over


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Temple, Kate & Temple, Jol

Trade Paperback, 160 pages

Perfect for fans of comical animal do-gooders like The Bad Guys, The InvestiGators, and The Chicken Squad, this hilarious chapter book series follows a group of bumbling dog detectives and their newest recruit—a cat! In their fourth case, the Underdogs have a bone to pick with whoever took a one-of-a-kind guitar.

Crime is on the rise in Dogtown, and it’s all thanks to a guitar bandit! It’s nearly time for DogAid, the hottest music festival in town, but Mick Wagger’s lucky golden guitar has gone missing. Could one of Mick’s biggest fans—the Boneheads—be behind it? Or a fellow rockstar like Justin Beaver or Catty Perry? Or an enemy Mick made on the road to fame? No matter who the culprit is, if they’re not stopped, the festival will be ruined, and no one will get to see The Rolling Bones hit the stage. So it’s time to call in the Underdog Detective Agency: with Barkley the German shepherd, Carl the Chihuahua, Dr. Spots the Dalmatian, and Fang . . . the cat. (Yes, a CAT!) What the Underdogs lack in skill, they make up for in grit, determination, and disguises. The team jumps on the case like a drummer on a beat, but will the Underdogs be able to stop the thief and save the show? If not, they may end up in treble. You’ll have to read to find out in this paws-itively hilarious mystery!