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What Is the Story of Anne of Green Gables?


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Labrecque, Ellen & Who HQ

Paperback, 112 pages

Journey to Avonlea and meet Anne Shirley -- the imaginative and bold star of the beloved Anne of Green Gables series -- in this addition to the What Is the Story Of? series.

Author L. M. Montgomery first brought Anne Shirley onto the page in 1908, and this independent and inspiring character has been capturing readers' hearts ever since. The story of an orphaned girl who is sent to Avonlea on Prince Edward Island to live with the Cuthbert family includes adventure, romance, and an ensemble of iconic characters like Diana Barry and Gilbert Blythe. Today, fans enjoy Anne on page, on screen, and even on stage as the popular series continues to draw audiences. Learn about the history of this iconic literary character, Anne with an “e” – in this exciting biography.