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What Is the Story of the Mummy?

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Keenan, Sheila & Who HQ

Paperback, 112 pages

Your favorite characters are now part of the Who HQ library! The Mummy joins other classic horror characters Dracula and Frankenstein in our What Is the Story Of? series. Unlike the other classic Universal horror movie monsters of their time, the Mummy's origins can't be found in the pages of a book. His story was inspired by the opening of King Tut's tomb in 1922. The world fell in love with all things Egyptian and was enthralled with stories of ancient mummies. The film producers of the early Dracula and Frankenstein films wasted no time creating a character who's been creeping out of his coffin and entertaining audiences since 1932. Author Sheila Keenan explains the history of the movie and its remakes, the legendary curse of King Tut's mummy, and what lies ahead for this monstrous creature.