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When You Adopt a Pandarina


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Rose, Matilda & Budgen, Tim

Hardcover, 32 pages

From the creators of When You Adopt a Pugicorn comes a sparkling picture book about trying your best and never giving up, thanks to an inspiring magical pet, Pandarina! Next time you're in Fairyland, make sure you visit Mrs Paws' Haven for Magical Pets in the town of Twinkleton-Under-Beanstalk. It's truly an enchanting place. There are singing llamas, sparkly starwhals, snuffly pugicorns . . . and Pandarina!! That's right! She's a panda who loves to dance. Princess Skye thinks that she is SO clumsy. There's no way she can dance at Queen Elsie's birthday ball with all her friends! But waiting for her at Mrs. Paws' Haven for Magical Pets is a pet who might just change her mind . . . Pandarina is a magical panda who loves to dance. Can Pandarina help Princess Skye find her feet?