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When You Adopt a Pugicorn


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Rose, Matilda & Budgen, Tim

Hardcover, 32 pages

In the picture book When You Adopt a Pugicorn, author Matilda Rose and illustrator Tim Budgen answer the question what happens when a princess wishes for a unicorn . . . but gets a PUGICORN instead? Every year, young princesses and princes arrive at Mrs. Paws's Haven for Magical Pets to pick a perfect unicorn pet. But this year Princess Ava arrived too late. There are no unicorns left . . . only a pugicorn! He's short and hairy. He can't sit still or gallop gracefully--and he certainly can't leap over rainbows. Can a pugicorn ever be a princess's best friend? "Digital illustrations by Budgen present dynamic, animation-style characters against a twinkly atmosphere, complementing Rose's simple message that encourages trying new things and accepting differences.

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