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When You Adopt a Pugicorn: The Christmas Wish


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Rose, Matilda & Budgen, Tim

Hardcover, 32 pages

A perfect picture-book present from author Matilda Rose and illustrator Tim Budgen, When You Adopt a Pugicorn: The Christmas Wish is a sparkling tale of holiday magic, friendship, and bravery--thanks to the magical Pugicorn! All the princesses and princes of Fairyland know that if you need a magical pet, the place to go is Mrs. Paws's Haven for Magical Pets. Mrs. Paws is the idea magical-pet matchmaker for when you adopt! Everything is set for a perfect Christmas in Twinkleton-under-Beanstalk. There's just one thing missing . . . snow! Princess Ava dreams of playing in the snow with her pet, Pugicorn. But as Christmas draws near, not a single flake falls from the sky! Can Pugicorn find the courage to make Ava's wish come true?