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Magic Tree House Merlin Missions Winter of the Ice Wizard


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Osborne, Mary Pope & Murdocca, Sal

Paperback, 144 pages

The bestselling, fan-favorite chapter-book series sends Jack and Annie on a chilling rescue mission!Merlin the magician and Morgan le Fay have disappeared, and in order to find them, Jack and Annie journey with their friends Teddy and Kathleen to the Land-Behind-the-Clouds, a frozen kingdom of ice and snow. There they must overcome their fears and solve the Ice Wizard's riddle, because if Jack and Annie don't complete their mission in time, Merlin and Morgan will disappear forever!Magic Tree House books are New York Times bestsellers. The series' irresistible mix of magic, myth, history, and mystery has inspired a love of reading in countless children all over the world. Find out why with Winter of the Ice Wizard!