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World Almanac Guide to Getting Out Alive


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World Almanac

Trade Paperback, 192 pages

The World Almanac's brand-new, full-color survival handbook, offering tips and tricks for getting through life in one piece! This is not your parents' scouting survival manual! From extreme weather to just leaving the house every day, who doesn't have a lot to be worried about? The World Almanac Guide to Getting Out Alive prepares readers to face any obstacle head-on, with the best possible action. Whether you're worried about surviving something uncommon (like a volcanic eruption, shark attack, or plane crash) or something more common (like going to the dentist or giving a presentation in front of your whole class), this guide has escape routes, strategies, and other ways to get to safer ground––or avoid trouble in the first place! Chapters include: Survival Skills 101 First Aid Basics Animal Attacks Dangerous Situations Well, I’m Lost When Nature Attacks Family Troubles Body Language Occupational Hazards (Surviving School and Work) Social Situations The World Almanac Guide to Getting Out Alive can prepare you for just about anything that life might throw your way––and turn any cause for concern into empowered action.