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World of Emily Windsnap: The Truth About Aaron


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Kessler, Liz & Stone, Joanie

Trade Paperback, 64 pages

After his pendant goes missing, semi-mer Aaron and his friends discover a family secret in this early reader based on the New York Times best-selling Emily Windsnap novels. Aaron wishes he were special like his best friends, Emily Windsnap and Shona Silkfin, but nothing exciting ever happens at his castle in the middle of the ocean. That is, until a massive, mysterious ship docks at the castle and all the crew members are suspiciously interested in Aaron’s trident pendant. One even asks to take a closer look at it . . . then doesn’t give it back! Luckily, Emily and Shona are there to help, swimming to the ship with Aaron to retrieve his stolen keepsake. But once onboard, Aaron is shocked to discover the royal meaning behind it. Based on the New York Times best-selling series by Liz Kessler, this newest underwater story for young readers promises mystery, adventure, and—as Aaron comes to realize—the most special thing of all: friendship.