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You Are Fantastic! (A Hello!Lucky Book)


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Board Book, 24 pages

From Hello!Lucky--Sabrina and Eunice Moyle--the creators of My Mom Is Magical! and My Dad Is Amazing!, comes You Are Fantastic!, a joyful tribute to all the things that make YOU one of a kind! You are more lovable than a ton of puppies! Cooler than a pile of penguins! More stupendous than a squad of narwhals! Celebrate all the things that make YOU special in this vibrant board book. Full of fun animal characters and a fifth color of ink throughout, this book is perfect for birthdays and any other time that calls for a little extra celebrating. Read all the books in the Hello!Lucky Series: My Mom Is Magical! My Dad Is Amazing! Super Pooper and Whizz Kid Kindness Rules! Christmas Is Awesome! Go Get 'Em, Tiger! Thanks a Ton! Sloth and Smell the Roses You Are Fantastic! School Is Cool! Bananas for You! My Grandma Is Great! My Grandpa Is Grand! Hang in There! Halloween Is a Treat! Thanks a Ton! My Brother Is the Best! My Sister Is Super! And don't miss the Cosmic Adventures of Astrid & Stella: The Cosmic Adventures of Astrid and Stella Star Struck! Get Outer My Space!